MUL Recipes

Instant MUL Kimchi Ramen

Instant MUL Kimchi Ramen

Here's our take on an instant MUL kimchi ramen noodles made in just FIVE minutes!
Your favorite noodles
Sesame or Olive Oil


1. Cook your favorite ramen or rice noodle

2. Rinse ramen in cold water

3. Add noodles to a bowl

4. Pick your favorite MUL Kimchi (Lauryn prefers Spicy, but Mild is just as good)!

5. Shake and pour 1/3 bottle of MUL for an instant broth

6. Top with scallions (basil is another delicious topping)

7. Drizzle with olive oil for extra richness (you can use sesame oil if you prefer)

8. Grab your chopsticks and enjoy your 5-minute instant meal!