Everyday KIMCHI

Cook or snack your way to gut health

Probiotic-rich fermented flavors to spice up your everyday. Packed fresh and cold-fermented for a refreshingly crisp, bright, and crunchy bite.


The probiotic condiment

The living probiotics in fermented foods like kimchi are traditionally prized for their ability to:

  • Promote gut health for overall wellbeing
  • Bolster the immune response that starts in the gut
  • Reduce inflammation in the body
  • Help with digestion

A Cold Ferment

Living probiotic Everyday KIMCHI is born from a cold-ferment technique

Bite-sized squares of traditional Napa Cabbage are quickly fermented right in their jars at the ideal chill. The colder temperature changes the activity of natural fermentation bacteria, making EVERYDAY brighter, crunchier, and less funky tasting.

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