Gochujang 101

What is Gochujang?

Gochujang is the most popular condiment and aka the ketchup of Korea! Gochujang means “Gochu” (chile) and “Jang” (fermented); its unique flavor comes froma traditonal fermentation process mixing fermented soybeans, red chili pepper, rice flour, malt syrup and salt.  

Traditionally, every Korean home made its own batch of gochujang which was mixed and then allowed to ferment for months in a porous earthenware pottery called onggi, much like the Kimchi fermentation process.

What can I eat it with?

Our goes with everything gochujang spicy umami sauces are full of flavor for dipping, mixing and stir fries, soups and ramen, as a marinade, dipping sauce, topped on sandwiches, to mix in with mayo or ketchup, or to make a dressing. You can even add a bit to hummus, ketchup or mayo to give more umami spicy notes to whatever you are eating. Visit our Recipes page and Instagram for delicious ideas

Try adding to ramen, mixing in rice veggie bowls as bibimbap sauce, dipping with vegetables — especially good with fresh cut cucumbers!

Concentrated Paste – Best seller. Thick and spicy concentrated flavors. Think of it as similar texture to tomato paste. A little goes a long way!

Garlic Gochujang Sauce – Marinade for chicken, seafood or stir fry green beans

Sesame Gochujang Sauce – Complex layered flavors of sesame, spice and umami. Mix in rice bowls, noodles or ramen, a perfect bibimbap sauce.

Tangy Gochujang Sauce – Dipping sauce, perfect for shrimp cocktail or fresh cut vegetables like cucumber or cauliflower. It is the least spicy with sweet and tanginess. Mix with fresh cut cucumbers for instant kimchi salad side dish. Or topped on sushi and dipping fries.

What makes your gochujang different from the rest?

Other gochujang sauces on the Asian market are preloaded with thick corn syrup, msg and many additive ingredients. Our gochujang is made by using traditional methods with malt syrup, rice flour and non-gmo soybeans and chile peppers.

Our gochujang paste concentrate is an unpastuerized and fermenting product in the jar, which may create a “puffy” lid and may make a “pop” sound when you open the lid. This is normal and safe to eat!

Our gochujang is made with malt syrup and less sugar than the other major gochujang brands which are preloaded with corn syrup or MSG.

Is it a hot sauce? Is it really spicy?

No, it has a unique, moderate heat.  Think miso meet chile. The spice comes from fermentation with deep savory umami flavors and a long finish which makes it a very versatile sauce on every type of foods.

Is your gochujang gluten free? NO Is it Vegan? YES

Not Gluten Free as it contains malt which aids in the fermentation process

Is your gochujang non-gmo?

Yes, it is made with non-gmo ingredient soy beans and in the process of getting verification.

Does it need to be refrigerated, what is the shelf life?

Gochujang should be refrigerated after opening and will be delicious for up to two years after opening. Refrain from keeping in direct sunlight or heat. Note that any separation or discoloration of sauces is natural so give it a shake.