Celebrate Kimjang Festival!

Celebrate Kimjang Festival!

November marks the traditional winter cabbage harvest of Kimjang, when families and neighbors come together to make Poggi kimchi, a time-honored recipe which refers to stuffed Napa cabbage halves. Families make enough to sustain themselves through the winter, and give extra kimchi to those in need.

This year, we want to share the importance of Kimjang by hosting a virtual dining table series with fellow Korean-American culinary insiders who will share their memories and experiences about Kimjang and its significance, past and present. We invite you to participate by following along and making kimchi with your loved ones.

It wouldn't be Kimjang without the spirit of giving. For the month of November, we are donating proceeds from online sales of Gochugaru to The Ron Finley Project. We chose Gochugaru because it is the most important spice in kimchi-making.

We will also be celebrating the first annual Kimchi Day on November 22 with our favorite homemade kimchi recipes. Follow along on our Instagram.