Seoul Local Combo

$ 51.00 USD

Set of Six 16 oz. Jars

HOUSE Napa Cabbage Kimchi
(2 Jars)

House is MIL’s foundational ferment, here with us since day one. It is easily recognizable by its rich, saucy composition and full-length leaves of Napa cabbage that allow for slower, more even fermentation. Traditional recipe made with fish sauce and bone broth.

MUU Daikon Radish Kimchi
(1 Jar)

Thought kimchi was synonymous with cabbage? Daikon radish is a traditional favorite prized for its digestive properties. Muu Kimchi comes out of a long fermentation pleasantly crunchy and juicy with an accentuated spicy sweetness. Vegan recipe made without fish sauce and bone broth.

VEGAN TABLE CUT Napa Cabbage Kimchi
(2 Jars)

The best-tasting vegan kimchi. Hand cut traditional squares ferment faster than full leaves, giving our Vegan Kimchi its signature sharpness, and preserving the front-heat or the gochugaru chile. Vegan recipe made without fish sauce and bone broth.

WHITE Napa Cabbage Kimchi with Ginger
(1 Jar)

The lesser known of the kimchis, traditional white kimchi is mild, crisp, and just a little bit effervescent. Enhanced by the goodness of ginger, the true taste of pickled umami flavors shines through.  Vegan recipe made without fish sauce and bone broth.