Seoul Local Combo - 2 House + 1 Muu +2 Vegan + 1 White

$ 51.00 USD

Set of Six 16 oz. Jars

Original House Napa Cabbage has long strips of whole leaf cabbage with a depth of flavor, length, and long spicy finish. Our most popular flavor.

Muu Daikon Radish has the crunch, texture, and complexity of a turnip, in refreshing bite size snack cubes. 

Vegan Table Cut Napa Cabbage has all the punch of spice and zesty, cut into squares and made without any shellfish with our all vegan recipe. Now non-GMO verified. 

Vegan White Napa Cabbage is a mild, vegan kimchi. Crisp, delicate, and effervescent like a glass of Champagne. With no spice, the delicious taste of pickled umami flavors shines through. Now non-GMO verified.