House Napa Cabbage Kimchi

$ 51.00 USD

Set of Six or Nine 16 oz. Jars

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Our original and best seller, our House Napa Cabbage Kimchi is an authentic restaurant recipe based on Mother-in-Law’s House (Jang Mo Jip) in Garden Grove, CA established in 1989 with a unique depth of flavor that combines spicy complexity, savory notes and a long finish. Long strips of Napa Cabbage are fermented slowly in a thick chile sauce. Think of it as kimchi meets Bolognese sauce as it contains beef bone broth, salted shrimp and fish sauce.

Ingredients: napa cabbage, yellow onion, green onion, salt, red chile pepper flakes, fresh ginger, fresh peeled garlic, organic sugar, beef bone broth, salted shrimp, fish sauce (anchovies, salt).

All natural, no preservatives, non-vegetarian, contains bone broth, shellfish, seafood. Gluten-free.

“Ruddy MIL Kimchi is spiced to the hilt, but the fire is tempered by the rich complexity of the pickle, which is made without preservatives. Serve it with appetizers, layer it in a sandwich or on a burger, or use it to brighten a dish of grilled meat or fish.”

-Florence Fabricant, Dining & Wine, New York Times