MUU Daikon Radish Kimchi

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Daikon Radish Kimchi

Set of Six or Nine 16 oz. Jars

Thought kimchi was synonymous with cabbage? Daikon radish is a traditional favorite prized for its digestive properties. Muu Kimchi comes out of a long fermentation pleasantly crunchy and juicy with an accentuated spicy sweetness.

Vegan Recipe made without fish sauce and bone broth.

Ingredients: Daikon radish, red chile pepper, yellow onion, scallion, chives, salt, raw sugar, garlic.

I love kimchi. Mother-in-Law’s - that’s my favorite, yea. We have some of it here [in the studio]. I love it. I love it with meat.

Joe Rogan

The Joe Rogan Experience

Ruddy MIL Kimchi is spiced to the hilt, but the fire is tempered by the rich complexity of the pickle, which is made without preservatives. Serve it with appetizers, layer it on a sandwich or on a burger, or use it to brighten a dish of grilled meat or fish.

Florence Fabricant

The New York Times