Kimchi & Wine – The Kimchi Cookbook Launch

The cookbook has landed! As part of the celebration to herald in Lauryn’s The Kimchi Cookbook, we had a special event and book signing at the Korea Society. We were fortunate enough to be joined by Tara Q Thomas, Senior Editor at Wine & Spirits Magazine, for our discussion and tasting of different kimchis (favorites from the cookbook) paired with their best wine partners. In a packed house – over 80 people filling TKS – Lauryn and Tara engaged in a thought provoking and enlightening discussion on fermentation, traditional and modern kimchi, and wine’s place with spicy food.

kimchi and wine

There were plenty of unexpected surprises and stellar matches. Tara commented on how she felt the Napa Cabbage Kimchi actually enhanced the Beaujolais Nouveau, the kimchi’s depth of flavor and complexity complementing the simplicity and earthiness of the wine. Or how the off-dry sparkling Gruner Veltliner perfectly matched the acidity and sweetness of “White” kimchi (kimchi made with no chile flakes) was a revelation. As a rule of thumb, a wine with some texture and bubbles with a hint of sweetness seemed to be a go-to match for spice. So the next time you’re inclined to reach for a beer or water when it comes to spicy food, you might be missing a whole world of excellent pairings.

kimchi cookbook signing
All in all it was a stellar event that combined Lauryn’s past in wine, love of fermented food, flavor and hopefully an enjoyable evening that showcased the versatility of kimchi in a different context.



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